Raging at Dawn

My city, Prague

This week has been a blur. Nights last minutes! I get into bed at 10:00pm, close my eyes for a second and it’s morning!! Dawn at an infuriating 5:30!! It’s killing me. Knowing it’ll get worse and that dawn is bound to sweep in at an even earlier 3:00 am, has my stomach in knots.

My 6 years in Europe haven’t done a thing. This atrocious invasion of my sleepy time by an overly eager dawn is going nowhere! For 24 years in Uganda, my system was primed and tuned to waking up at the crack of dawn. As the bottomless, near emptiness of night gave way to a glow-y purple sky, my brain would automatically and softly be cajoled into a state of wakefulness. Birds, roosters and wailing kids were always part of it. Nothing…nothing beats the reliability of an African dawn; year around same time, 6:00 – 6:30am.
The same can’t be said for the fickle European dawn. It’s moody, is teasing my system and shoving it
into eternal hell. The clocks have a mind of their own too; losing and gaining an hour. How about a time diet to keep it consistent, mmm? I over sleep in winter and under sleep in spring through summer. I’m exhausted. I am sleep deprived. It’s chaotic!

Yes, I’ve heard of sleep masks and I find them extremely unfriendly. I own a pair and it’s made out of slippery slide, I swear! The sturdy look of its elastic belt doesn’t count. It never stays put! No, velcro wont do. It also seems to have vanished into thin air at the onset of my sleep-friend, winter (please note: In no other aspect is winter a friend of mine). Last autumn, I let my daughter use the sleep mask as some sort of leg exercise contraption and I simply can’t find it now. I’ve looked everywhere; under the bed, in the aquarium, kitchen and bedroom drawers, gone through all paper/polythene bags, the toilet cistern (you never know, kids!) and behind everything. Nothing!  
At the moment, I’ve neither energy nor focus to pause long enough to uncross my eyes and write something intelligible, never mind entertaining. My chirpy mojo was acutely alarmed at the sight of constant sleepiness. It thus declined to put in an appearance this week. Yes, I’ve tried everything, even devouring copious amounts of chocolate. Nothing is working. It’s all dawn’s fault!

In other unrelated musings…

I’ve just watched a somewhat spectacular 74% partial eclipse but see, what I really needed was TOTAL SPECTACULARNESS! Now, if I’d gone to Iceland…They apparently had 98%. Sigh! The grass is always greener...

Film should lie flat against board

On a happier note though, I was able to invent my own homemade eclipse viewer after all shops run out of eclipse viewer glasses. My invention, the Bantu EclipseSM viewer was so popular, it served a few hapless neighbors who’d hoped their UV sunglasses would do the job and two ambulance paramedics who happened to be in my neighborhood.  The profuse thanks I got lifted a corner of the sleep shroud.

I prefer happy endings and here’s two more minutes of that. Enjoy.

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