4 Major Things To Consider When Selecting Your Bridal Salon

Seeing as bridal salons are everywhere, you'd think it quite simple to find one for your wedding day. On the contrary, it's quite difficult to find a makeup artist/hair stylist that'll do exactly what you'd like. "Hundreds of brides have gone through their salons and they know what YOUR makeup and hair should look like on YOUR wedding."  Take the advise but stay firm. Trying to convince a makeup artist you'd rather go for a red lipstick  rather than nude is an uphill task.

Points to consider when selecting a salon


Hairstyle and makeup can be as extravagant as you like. The cheapest option is doing your own hair and makeup, saving a big chunk of money in the process. The other option is to hire get a makeup artist. Go with what best suits you. I'd never worn full face makeup before the wedding and had no idea how to apply it. I needed professional help.


Read reviews from previous customers. Scour the internet for reviews. Do your homework.

Location and flexibility

Is the salon located in a place that's within easy reach of the ceremony venue? Is the makeup artist flexible enough to come over to your place if required to? Is there an extra cost for this service?

Hair and makeup trials

I can't stress this enough. Do trials for both hair and makeup! Whether the trial runs are inclusive or exclusive of the price quoted is dependant on salon or makeup artist's policy. Discuss it with them.

If this service isn't free, it's more agreeable that it doesn't tie in with the wedding day makeup charges. Reason being; if you don't like how the trial goes, you can always change the salon or artist without a contract to tie you. I had two trials while the minds had one and boy, am I glad I did. See slideshow for THAT reason...

Make up Trial 


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    1. I'm glad I could be of some help. Greatest of luck.