Bride, Maid Of Honor and Bridesmaids: Everything They Need

Hair and Makeup

We all decided on really simple make up, going for a natural look. Find more in selecting your bridal salon.


Again, this can be as cheap or as extravagant as you want. I went for a simple look. I already had two bottle of my favourite nail polish and saw no harm in taking them along to the manicurist. Manicures and pedicures tailored for weddings are quite expensive but you'll get essentially the same thing from your local manicurist.


The most popular bridal jewellery sets include tiaras, earrings, necklaces, watches and bracelets. One doesn't have to wear all this nor do you need to buy it.  It's possible to rent any of these items  from just about any bridal studio or salon. 

Buying bridal earring is a good investment if they are subtle enough to be worn every other day. I'd initially wanted to buy the pair of earrings I wore, but the studio lady changed her mind. The bridal party wore subtle jewellery too seeing as they had embellished lace dresses. 

I find that wearing too much jewellery destroys the bride's look, but that's just me. My wedding gown had embellished lace and I felt comfortable with just simple pearly earring and a silver bracelet.

Fascinators and veils

There are many kinds of veils out there; multiple layered, double layered or singular, shoulder length, back length or floor length. Soo many!!  Not every bride decides to have a veil. Veil selection is down to either personal preference or dress style. It simply wouldn't work wearing a floor length veil with a T-length wedding dress.

On the other hand, it's quite rare to find a bride without a fascinator. My fascinator was a DIY project. I’d initially decided against a veil but changed my mind on the wedding morning, after putting my dress on. My  makeup artist, who happened to be a friend,  stated that my look would be complete with the right veil and she had just the one.  I removed the veil after the ceremony.

Bridal gown

Selecting and finally taking delivery of my wedding gown was a roller coaster. In The Wedding Dress That Made Me Cry: My Story,  I talk about my reasons for buying instead of renting, why  I had to order in all the way from the US instead of Europe and the nightmarish story when I was mailed the wrong wedding dress,  I also include pictures of my wedding dress trials (I tried on 68 dresses!!)  and you'll see exactly why I decided against all of them. I looked monstrous!

Bridesmaids' dresses

I don't particularly like the dresses touted as bridesmaids dresses for rent and my maids were with me on this. Renting dresses is definitely cheaper than buying, if you find the right dresses.  After a bit of discussion over a bottle of wine, my maids and I agreed the bridesmaids would buy the same dress while the maid of honour would get another style of dress, in the same color. We initially went for ruby red, but later changed it to navy blue as one of my maids was blond and red just wasn't working for her. After several dress hunting jaunts (in shops and not wedding studios), we landed on a dress everybody loved.


Bridal shoes are expensive and made to look right with a wedding dress. Chances of reuse are slim, unless of course, you remarry or sell them on to another bride. 

Tip: Buy a great pair of shoes in white or another color that you'll be able to get great wear out of. I wore an old pair of white wedge slippers I already owned.

The style of the maids' shoes was their choice. The bridesmaids chose to wear nude shoes while the maid of honour wore black pumps. 

Underwear and garter

These should compliment your dress and not show through or leave unsightly lines. My gown was trumpet style and tight. I made my underwear choice accordingly (a thong and garter without flower embellishment).  

Brides with A-line or princess dresses can have embellished garters without worry.


And of course, flowers. My bouquet was made up of red  roses with little white flowers and fake pearls pinned in while the maids has small white bouquets with red little flowers. I talk more about flowers in Finding Your Florist. 

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