The Groom, Groomsmen and Picking Rings

The groom and his party, together with the Bride and her maids will take a big chunk out of your wedding budget. Lets look at some money saving tips I used when dressing the guys up. 


Jewellery store or goldsmith?

We went with a goldsmith. Jewellery stores get their merchandise from goldsmiths - Why not go to the source?

Simple or intricate bands?

The simpler the bands, the more pocket friendly they'll be. We preferred the flash to be hidden in gold karat count. Keep in mind though that the higher the karat, the softer the ring is.

Groom's suit/tuxedo

To rent or to buy?

The choice is dependant on your budget and taste. We decided on buying rather than renting. He was due a new suit anyway and we invested in a good quality navy blue suit. He’s so far used it for a ball, two weddings and business meetings. 

Suit or Tux?

Unless you live in the high echelons of society, you'll hardly ever use that Tux again. They are quite expensive compared to suits too.  If you are set on a Tux, it's probably a better idea to rent rather than buy one.

Tie or bowtie

This is definitely a preference thing. Ties and bowties cost almost the same. They add the same feeling to the outfit, though I mist admit, bowties bring about a certain elegance. Tuxedos are strictly worn with bowties. One gets more use out of a tie than a bowtie once the wedding is done. I selected the groom's tie to match my bridal flower and it also had a pattern that allowed it to be reusable.


White shirts are the universal choice. Selecting a shirt color is dependant on your color theme. We invested in a good quality white short with discrete design detail on it's collar. It can be worn to either any occasions or business meetings.

Boutonniere or handkerchief

A small lovely boutonniere usually looks more elegant at a wedding rather than a pocket handkerchief. Again, it's personal preference, though the handkerchief is arguably cheaper.


Renting grooms' shoes is out of question. Buying a black pair of men's dress shoes is always a good investment. He'll get good use out of them. My husband wore a pair of black dress shoes he’d owned for a few years.


Our colour theme called for dark suits. The groomsmen wore black or navy blue suits, white shirts, black shoes and each had a tie with a hint of red or completely red. None of this was bought or rented. My back up plan had been to rent the suits. They each had a Boutonniere. 

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