Wedding Reception Entertainment: Finding The Right Band

The three main entertainment options for a wedding are :-
  • Band 
  • DJ
  • Music playback over an address system
Reasons why a band and not DJ

  • It was one of the few things my husband was on board with from the get go
  • There's the off chance that a DJ will play music HE prefers and not what YOU, the bride wants.
  • A band brings a special kind of atmosphere to a wedding. See how you don't go crazy when listening to that Bruno Mars song, but went totally nuts at his concert? Yes, that feeling. 

Nothing really beats live music and I LOVE dancing!

The band we hired came highly recommended. I read reviews online and was able to watch them play, the first time being at my company's office summer party and then from youtube videos. You really want to book this service early, as most of these groups are in high demand, especially if your wedding falls in summer.

How I selected music to be played

  • The band lead agreed, at a fee, to play piano music during lunch.
  • The band provided me with their play list and I made a selection of what they could play.
  • They agreed, at no fee, to play our first dance song, I am your man by Seal even though it wasn't on their music list. How great was that?  We were invited to one of their rehearsals and heard them play it. It was important they got it right as my husband and I had a dance routine prepared using the original version.
  • My parents-in-law are the polka dance generation and I made a request for two of these to be included as well.

The band really got the party going.

Things to keep in mind when selecting a band

  • A band will not play for more than 5 hours.
  • They'll rest every 45 minutes for 15 minutes. Make a selection of music to be played when they take a break.
  • Have room for the band to set up their equipment. Ask them approximately how much room they need and talk to venue management about this.
  • Check the acoustics of the venue - easier to just ask the venue management if a band has played there before.
  • Provide band members with refreshment and something to eat.  Music made with great feeling is great music.
  • Specify dress code. If you'd rather they dress formally, let them know. Otherwise, they could just turn up in jeans and shirts (very comfortable for thrilling of work).


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