Home Isn't Home Anymore

Part 3 of 3: Yes, I've Changed

Mornings in Zanzibar
We had only two weeks left to our holiday but still loads of things to do.  We still had to meet up with my friends, visit Murchison falls national park and have a little break in Zanzibar. I’d scheduled the heck out of those two weeks, which was a very silly thing to do. See, Uganda is slow and with most people, each day is planned that very morning. There is no hurry in Africa, which is a bitch if you are pressed for time.

Home Isn't Home Anymore

Part 2 of 3: My Paradise...or Not 

Mama and baby monkey at sunrise

We decided on public transport from Entebbe airport to the Capital city, Kampala. Now, a cab is always the preferred choice and is affordable but my then fiancĂ© (now husband) was determined to experience the real Uganda, seeing as he’d previously travelled in the relative luxury of a company car during his trips to Uganda. I was game. Public transport meant taking a cab from Entebbe airport to the main Entebbe bus terminal (an huge dusty car lot teeming with thousands of white 14 passenger minibuses and offering no shelter whatsoever from the glaring sun), sitting in the sweltering vehicle waiting for the 12 other passengers and figuring out how our heavy luggage would fit in the vehicle’s shoebox-size boot. Our laps provided the required extra boot space.

Home Isn't Home Anymore

Part 1 of 3: The Old Me

Sunrise over Murchison Falls, Uganda

Years back, very few things got me. I let things go. For instance, in my first year of boarding school, I maintained an exceedingly passive demeanor towards a school bully (one year ahead) who’d wrongly assumed I was her kind of victim. She got nowhere with me as I let her entertain the others with jabs that didn’t have an iota of effect on me - she wasn’t important to me. She looked increasingly stupid with each daily attempt and finally gave up. In high school, I ignored incendiary comments constantly thrown my way at assembly time by a pack of feral boys. They weren’t happy that despite being female, I still insisted on exercising my right to a front row seat during the televised premiership soccer matches. It incensed them to no end. At university, I maintained a hi-hi friendship with the strangest of guys. I’d dumped his ass because of a lack of effort on his side.