Wabble....wabble: This Mama needs wine...

My almost 4 year old is great at making up games. I am the main star of her most recent, which she’s aptly named ‘wabble-wabble’. I am not particularly crazy about this role, but am joining in with an enthusiasm bordering on manic.

Wabble-wabble goes like this. I’ll be dressing up or undressing or just out of the shower…in any state of undress where the wobble fraternal twins will be on display. She’ll run up to me with this huge smile, squealing with delight and gather in her 10 little fingers, as much of either my tummy or bum as her little hands can, give it a mighty my-life-depends-on-it shake while loudly singing ‘Wabble-wabble mummy…wiggly-wabble!’ over and over.  I’ll play along and I’ll wiggle more and join in and sing along. My girl is happy, I look happy to her and that’s what matters in that moment.

But see….