Excuse the hair puffiness, it'd just rained. I'm Josephine DanÄ›k by the way. 

Let's get over and done with the tearjerker that's my past

I was born and lived in Uganda, East Africa for 24 years before moving to Europe. This nugget explains the 'why'...whichever 'why' you have.

Happiness as I knew it came to a grinding halt a few months shy of my 10th birthday. I'd lost both parents and a brother by 10. I lived with my maternal grandmother for a year before she too checked out. Growing up as an orphan was a rough episode that just seemed to not want come to an end. I hope to write all about it one day.  Not exactly a rags to riches story mind, but more like a rags to quality-hand-me-downs. I've a strong aversion to sadness in my life.... which explains....

My blog: Bantu Mum

A blog with a little infusion of humour. 

I finally got off my  lazy butt and started the Bantu Mum blog. It wasn't all just me though. A girlfriend threatened to publish all my emails (apparently, they are funny) and my husband spent a great deal of time moping about his wife's wasted gifts. The Biased Elite. I write about everything; happenings, people, life, the weird, the ugly in Europe and Africa, trying to create an emotion in you. I go for the warm fuzzy feeling but I can't guarantee which emotion shows up.

In future, I plan add a few more sections to this blog. Maybe something about travelling, wedding planning, funny pics etc. 

A little about current me

I'm a  Software Engineer 'job's-on-hold'  stay at home mum to a little she Zebra whose spectacularly calm pair of lungs has contributed greatly to me hanging onto my post-baby sanity. Having said that, her restless legs are unrivalled and I ALWAYS look forward to nap time. Nap time is 'me' time and 'me' time is when I relax, let go or let rip. I almost always end up in front of a computer, writing, and hoping the other person laughs.

I travel quite a bit but still loudly lament the absence of a mattress - every time I camp! Breakfast in a chilly camp is a will-breaker. Tea is hot and inviting but requires one to leave the warm comforts of a sleeping bag. 

Solution: Stick your head out of your tent, try to grab for your cup of HOT tea or whatever, with your teeth. Wait till it teeters on it's edge and then call for help. The other half (who's been making breakfast) has no choice but to come feed you. See? Done!! 

Disclaimer: Don't try if camping with friends or don't try at all.

I work out diligently and have discovered the DIET SECRET. Work out twice as much the day after wolfing down a Burger King double whooper.

I  scrub up once in a while

Oh.... and I am eternally proud of having trekked the Grand Canyon in 8.5hrs, all within a day! I made a million rest stops on the way up, but who cares.