Ceremony Venue: Church Decoration, Music and Wedding program

Selecting a venue for the ceremony is probably the easiest task when planning a wedding. A ceremony venue can be as simple as a nicely decorated small tent by the reception venue or as grand as the biggest cathedral.

If it’s a church, it’ll most probably be your home church.

If it’s at the registrar, you’ll have only a handful of options and you’ll go with one closest to your venue or salon or home etc.  I wanted a church wedding. Don't forget to give directions to your guests. I made use of the wedding website.


4 flowers was all. In hindsight, I should have insisted on bringing my own flower stands :D

My local church is  magnificent. To decorate it would have been to take away from its grandiose.  Four flower arrangements was all we had and it was perfect!

Tip: Select a ceremony venue that needs as little decorating as possible. If it requires decorating, do not spend so much. You and your guests will be in and out of there 2 hours tops. Put most of your decorating energies towards the venue. 

Front section of church

Length of church

Back section of church and organ above

Music and program

Talk to your priest. You really need to be on the same page with your priest. I can’t stress this enough. 

Rather than bring in a music guy, ask if the church provides their own person. You might have to pay them though. It’s better to have someone who’s familiar with the church’s instruments than someone foreign. For the cheapest option, go for music played over the church’s sound system. Every church has a sound system. I went for the church’s organ player and Violinist. Not a cheap option but the music was exquisite. 

Coming up with your own church program is an unnecessary additional task. This can be stressing, as your priest would need to give an okay on everything. Instead, ask the priest for the church's wedding program (they always have one) and work with that. Put in a few slight changes here and there to make it uniquely yours. See? Easy! I made DIY church programs.


  1. This is looking tremendous and anyone would love to get married at a place like this. I am glad to know complete details here. It will be really helpful for me as I am also planning my wedding at a similar local event venue and really want it to be an awesome affair.

    1. I'm glad someone is finding this helpful. You'll have an awesome wedding...stay true to both your tastes and on the day, try not to look if something isn't as you planned :). Wishing you an awesome wedding day!