Fun Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas and Video

The criteria while searching for a photographer and videographer is the same. Read reviews, watch their previous work and where possible,  get reviews directly from people who’ve worked with them.

Tips for perfect photos and videos

Discuss shots

Take the time to write down the kind of shot scenarios you’d like and pass these on to the photographer. Everything is a whirl on the wedding day. You want them to know exactly what's expected. Photographers make mistakes too and might forget to take some memorable shot. Ours forgot to take pictures of my husband and I with his parents. Neither of us noticed either.

Involve a friend

If possible, invite a friend to the shoot; a friend with a camera who's crazy about taking pictures. Some of the funny great shot ideas we had were from our friend. He complimented our spontaneity. Our photographer was wonderful too.It was fun doing the pictures and this showed through. The result? Great memories.

 Wedding shot ideas

Tram/bus shots: Groom holding tram door for bride
Standing besides horses
Boating shots
Bride pulling groom's tie
Groom nervously checking his watch, waiting for his bride
Groom climbing a rope towards the bride, brides arm outstretched to give him help
Eat whit and brown chocolate (for mixed couples)
Groom running away from bride
Parked bike in background, bride chaining groom to a post
Drink race between bride and groom
Groom flips coin while standing in front of church, bride is in the background
Groom faints at the alter and bride resuscitates him
SAY YES sign held up in the congregation
Groom changing car wheel and bride handing him a spanner
Bridal car with 'just married' breaks down. Bride and groom push it

Here are some of our great shots, most of them spontaneous

We worked with what we found


Our videographer offered a short 5 minutes clip and a longer 20-minute clip. An hour long wedding video is just not worth it. Nobody will ever watch it.  I selected scenes I wanted included in the short clip and all the theme song.

Both my photographer and Videographer had cheerful personalities which made it all easier. Upon thanking them for this, they insisted the wedding mood had been light and they'd simply responded to that.

My great videographer

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