Wedding Menu Idea

Your wedding menu can be tailored to the eating habits of the larger number of your guests. I collected this information through my wedding website.

Some brides-to-be prefer sit down 6 course meals with a touch of elegance about them. Others prefer buffet. Others might just decide to offer only finger food. Budget is a key player seeing as it's not cheap feeding a large number of people.

We included plenty of choice for our guests. We had a lot of meats on our menu, but so did we vegetables, fish and fruit. We also included finger food to go with the welcome drinks and cheeses, meats and fruit platters for late evening.

We provided menus (DIY project) on each table so our guests had an idea what was being served before going to the buffet table.

Just to give you an idea what's possible, here's my wedding menu. Food presentation and serving was in the hands of catering stuff.

Welcome Drink (WD): drinks from open bar

Canapés to WD:          Canapés 
with Parma ham and sweet melon
cherry tomates with prawn and dill dressing
with salmon tartar
with blue cheese Mouse and right Swiss cheese

Canapés II 
with ham and fresh horseradish
with smoked salmon
appetizer with pickled mushrooms
with a piece of gorgonzola and grapes

                                     Table and mineral water
                                   Juice, Coca-Cola, coffee or tea 
                                   Nonalcoholic beer Birell 
                                   Alcoholic beer Pilsner Urquell 


                                   vin de pays 
                                   St.Martin, France
                                   Bordeaux Baron de Mornas, France


Soup for newlyweds only – beef consommé with small liver balls (Czech tradition)

This soup, as Czech tradition dictates, is served to all guests. I decided against this. Only the Bride and Groom got the soup and performed the Czech Soup Tradition which involved being wrapped in a white cloth and feeding each other soup. I eliminated the former. 

Cold plates and miniappetizers
Bone-in-ham with cucumbers and horseradish
Cold veal roast with capers mayonnaise
Minitomatoes stuffed with mozzarella
Swordfish carpaccio
Smoked salmon with créme fraiche and crushed pepper
Fried chicken wrapped in sesame, pink ginger
Milles feuilles goat cheese and grilled zucchini
Grissini wrapped with Parma ham

Spicy salad of rice noodles, scampi and chili peppers
Corn salad with cherry tomatoes, French dressing
Endivie salad with Dijon dressing with cream cheese and Comté
Fresh vegetable salad
Balsamico, olive oil

Warm buffet
Chicken brestas with truffle filling
Pork tenderloin with mushroom ragout
Duck breasts with red currant sauce and pink pepper
Sautéed Shrimp Provencal
Butter fish with lemon sauce
Veal with chanterelle sauce and créme fraiche
Ratatouille baked Swiss cheese
Vegetable lasagna

Side dishes
Boiled Nicolas potatoes
Wild rice
Baked potatoe slices with cream
Small homemade dumplings
Young carrots with pea pods and spring onions

Homemade nougat with pistachio, coffee and orange filling
Small Créme Caramel
Cheese cake with rasperries
Offer thumbnails own patisserie

Wedding cake was the main desert. Read more in selecting your wedding cake.

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