Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia 2015

Depending on how much time you have, a minimum stay of 2 nights is enough.
We stayed at Guest House Rustico (13 km from park) and were highly impressed by the service. There are guest houses EVERYWHERE! It's possible to find where to stay without prior reservations (the downside being, you won't get the best places).

You'll find ticket booths at designated parking spots, and also, at the bus station inside the park.

A minimum 6 hours is enough to see all lakes. It took us 9 hours, mostly because we trekked ALL ROUND most lakes (viewing them from all sides).  Forest trails are present too if interested.

Trekking with kids
Don't bother with a stroller...grab a carrier if possible.

There's a restaurant in the park, thought prices are not pocket friendly. If watching your budget, carry sandwiches and fruits.

To give you an idea how big this water fall is, look closely to the edges of the upper right side of the waterfall for the red spot. That is a person standing there!

The BIG waterfall. See the house on top?

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