2015 Signal Festival Prague, Czech Republic

Prague's 2015 Signal Festival was spectacular. The installations were placed at different locations and one could either walk or use public transport. I walked. 4 hours and I still wasn't able to cover everything. This year had an amazing 20 installations and I only visited 13 and took photos of only 9 - sigh. I look forward to next year!

The ESCAPE Projection

A series of photos wouldn't do justice to this presentation. I took one photo and decided to enjoy the rest of the show.





All installations closed at midnight. I didn't have enough time to walk up that hill...and settled for this view. Next time...

NIMBES Signal Dome

A series of motion pictures were projected on the inside walls of the Dome. Rather than sit on the available side seats, I decided to join the few people lying on the floor and looking up at the projected  pictures. It was surreal. I could feel myself falling...and then getting sucked up into the motion.

Interactive installation of shapes, images and sound.


I took this picture 'in motion' on purpose. This was the only way I could capture the play of these colours and lights on my vision as I walked towards the installation.


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