Amsterdam In 3 Days

Amsterdam was beautiful, not magical, but gorgeous. I have a very soft spot for ancient architecture and Amsterdam is right up there with Prague, Rome and Vienna! Navigating the streets with a kid stroller though was a nightmare. Bicycles EVERYWHERE! The shopping streets are narrow and some with trams running through, leaving just enough room to flatten yourself on a wall to avoid getting run over. Okay, I've exaggerated a bit, but thats how it felt. The Red Light Distict wasn't at all as I'd imagined. There were homes, kids running around plating, churches and the occasional lit window with a semi nude girl. Nothing debouched. I suspect though that the scene is probably different at night.

Transport and parking in Amsterdam 

All Tram, bus and Metro lines go through the Amsterdam Central Station. It's impossible to get lost.

If you are in Amsterdam by car, park it in a residential area, in the town outskirts and take the Metro into town. It's cheap...better than cheap. It's free! Parking in the city centre will cost you upwards of €25 a day.

DON'T take pictures of the window girls in the Red Light District.
DON'T forget to check/swipe in and OUT your public transport ticket. Forgetting to check out will render your card useless.

My girl is in there, somewhere...

Amsterdam Central Station


Royal Palace of Amsterdam

They sell the best cheese
No blind purchases. Tasting..tasting, yum!



Magere Brug (the Skinny Bridge)


Right is my favourite of Van Gogh's art

He must have lost a bet

The public library and Museum of science
Inside the Public Library

View of Amsterdam from the Library roof top

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