Mama Fashion: A Riot of Colour

I am loud when it comes to wardrobe colour. The brighter, the better.

It's a different story though, with makeup and nail polish.

I am crap at makeup. My 'cat eye' never comes out the way I want, I've failed to figure out false lashes, I am very picky when it comes to eye shadow and hardly ever use any.

My love for red tones is a limitation too. My one and only blush is a pinkish-red. It also doubles as eye shadow (terrible, terrible).  I have 5 shades of red lipstick (I recently went wild and bought purple),  4 shades of Red nail polish  and 3 shades of pink nail Polish (two of which are so light it's hard to tell if I have any polish on and the other is so dark that's almost red).

I love Lipstick and it's all the makeup I wear, 90% of the time.

Photos by Jamie

My favourite pair of trousers by Zara / Zara leather belt
My favourite lipy: Mac Ruby Red / H&M top

Jessica Faux leather biker jacket / Clarks ankle boots  / fresh pumpkin :)

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