Fashion: Go Bright This New Years Eve! A New Years Outfit

I love color (I know, I've said that before) and winter is an eternally depressing time for me, fashionwise. Shops are clogged with winter collections of greys, blacks, browns and all manner of mute colous yet, all I want are bright CoLoRs to counter the greyness! Feel my pain? ladies, I am in no way encouraging you to go the rainbow way in winter (we go crazy in summer, together...yes?).


Here's how I go bright.
Here's how, you too can go bright ...and...
Here's a gorgeous and fast-to-put-together outfit for your New Years celebration.

Note: I've gone with Orange, but you could do teal green (I saw a gorgeous scarf in Orsay), red, even brown! Just, accessorise that boring winter knitwear until it pops!

It was windy...adding a lovely wind-swept affect to my hair :)

Mama Fashion: A Simple but Stylish Christmas Outfit

"A Mama has no time..."

...With a dash of the obligatory Red, and the least of fuss, you can't go wrong with this outfit. What's more? It won't get in the way of you picking up your little one. Do I hear two birds? It's easy to layer, so indoors -to- outdoors will be as painless and as swift as it can be. Merry Christmas!

** ...these were taken in less than 5 minutes by my SO, while our girl alternating between grabbing for the camera and running to me...The joys of parenthood :) **

If you are interested in having this same outfit, everything is this season's Fashion and probably still in stock. Designer information below the photos.

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