Fashion: Go Bright This New Years Eve! A New Years Outfit

I love color (I know, I've said that before) and winter is an eternally depressing time for me, fashionwise. Shops are clogged with winter collections of greys, blacks, browns and all manner of mute colous yet, all I want are bright CoLoRs to counter the greyness! Feel my pain? ladies, I am in no way encouraging you to go the rainbow way in winter (we go crazy in summer, together...yes?).


Here's how I go bright.
Here's how, you too can go bright ...and...
Here's a gorgeous and fast-to-put-together outfit for your New Years celebration.

Note: I've gone with Orange, but you could do teal green (I saw a gorgeous scarf in Orsay), red, even brown! Just, accessorise that boring winter knitwear until it pops!

It was windy...adding a lovely wind-swept affect to my hair :)
Tom Ford Gina Sunglasses ...and...blow-dried Afro hair (that small shadow is my baby girl)

LolaLiza Plain sweater with batwing sleeves, Caledonia tights

Hand crafted African hoop earrings.

Hermés 100% silk scarf

Hogl leather ankle boots

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