Fashion: Sunglasses Frustrations

...and The Gorgeous Tom Ford Gina

My face plays tricks. I am all for a good laugh, but not when I am sunglasses hunting. I have one of those faces that don't look too narrow...until I try on a pair of sunglasses. Having a shallow nose bridge doesn't help either. I am in most cases, transformed into an Owl with an afro... and that, isn't a look I like to rock. Story of my life.

A few years ago, I bought a pair of cateye sunglasses after falling in love with their extreme vintage look. I haven't touched a wayfarer since. That pair was soon replaced by another, but the selection was limited. What was available looked more costume than decent fashion. I made do with frames that were so-so. Then cateye caught on...but just as fast, the frames got bigger and wider and my excitement died. I held on to a not so great pair for ages, just because I couldn't find anything that fit. 

About a year ago, that pair found itself in the inquisitive hands of my toddler and minutes later, under my foot, and it was time to go shopping for a