Fashion: Sunglasses Frustrations

...and The Gorgeous Tom Ford Gina

My face plays tricks. I am all for a good laugh, but not when I am sunglasses hunting. I have one of those faces that don't look too narrow...until I try on a pair of sunglasses. Having a shallow nose bridge doesn't help either. I am in most cases, transformed into an Owl with an afro... and that, isn't a look I like to rock. Story of my life.

A few years ago, I bought a pair of cateye sunglasses after falling in love with their extreme vintage look. I haven't touched a wayfarer since. That pair was soon replaced by another, but the selection was limited. What was available looked more costume than decent fashion. I made do with frames that were so-so. Then cateye caught on...but just as fast, the frames got bigger and wider and my excitement died. I held on to a not so great pair for ages, just because I couldn't find anything that fit. 

About a year ago, that pair found itself in the inquisitive hands of my toddler and minutes later, under my foot, and it was time to go shopping for a
new pair. A time I dreaded. I went out on a limb and purchased a pair of Marc Jacobs cateye from the USA (a friend brought them over, so no taxes), but they were too wide and I had to sell them on (my biggest misfortune with online shopping is well document in The Wedding Dress That Made Me Cry). I hit the Prague shops-nothing! 'Stole' hour long chunks out of my holidays to visit shops in Barcelona, Berlin, London - nothing I liked! I am extremely picky. I finally hit gold in Amsterdam. A pair of Tom Ford Gina winked at me. I melted and then my heart broke. I looked owlish in them!! The shop assistant insisted that wasn't the case but you know, they won't say what might need saying to one's face. Back home, I went e-shop crazy-again. I looked at 100s of pairs of sunglasses, 95% of them too wide for me. I finally ordered the Tom Ford Nastasya Gold (see me in them here) but returned them (solid, sexy build but the nose pads pinched and I wasn't too crazy about the gold mirror Then, I ordered the  MiuMiu 08OS and returned them as well (they slid down my nose bridge, sat on my cheeks and lifted whenever I smiled). Frustrated and having lost money through currency exchange (I was ordering them from Italy and my bank was taking 5%), I made a seemingly stupid purchase decision. I decided to order the Gina (I know-I know), swearing it'd be my last online sunglasses purchase (my husband who'd heard all this before, called it eternal optimism). Well guys, eternal optimism paid off. After trying on so many ill fitting sunnies, the Gina sunnies didn't look so big anymore and I decided they were my lucky frames. Even then though, I had to return that particular pair to be exchanged for another one as it didn't sit straight on a level surface (misaligned arms). The final pair came in a little before christmas and I believe I've finally found my decent pair...for now...

...and through all this, I recieved the most amazing customer service from United Shades (they reimbursed the postage on returns too). I'll definitely buy my next pair from them!

Color: Dark Tortoise color
Build: Superb craftsmanship. Solid and durable feel to the touch. 
Look: Not flashy. A golden T logo accent at the temples. They are what I call, discreet gorgeous.

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